TESfaith   - The stuff that moves mountains

TESfaith is a free utility for Morrowind which can move, duplicate or remove landmasses from both master and plugin ('mod') files. Items associated with modified landscape cells are also modified - including objects (NPCs, buildings, trees, lighting, sound etc.), Scripts, Dialogue commands and Path Grids. It is primarily intended for modders that wish to solve landscape conflicts with other mods, duplicate cells from other mods for their own use, or create extra space within their own landscapes.

TESfaith can do all of the following:


Instructions on how to use TESfaith are contained in the Readme file (as included in the ZIP files below).
There is also a FAQ, offering assistance with some common issues:

Download TESfaith

Downloads File
TESfaith (Latest version - 0.96beta) - December 2006 TESfaith-0.96beta.zip
TESfaith (Previous version 0.95) - February 2004 TESfaith-0.95.zip

A GUI version of TESfaith has also been developed by Timeslip called TESfaith# (requires Microsoft's .net to be installed). Currently it is not quite as up-to-date as the versions on this website, but should work for most modders' needs. Once any minor outstanding issues have been rectified with the original version available here, no doubt Timeslip can update his version.