A FAQ for TESfaith

When the Readme Instructions aren't enough ...

Q1. TESfaith doesn't seem to move door markers, update scripts, dialogue commands etc.

TESfaith was originally written in September 2003. Door support was added in December 2003 and Scripts/dialogues by February 2004 (version 0.95). Yet despite these features being added years ago, there still seem to be very old copies of TESfaith floating on various websites! Please make sure you have the latest version of TESfaith - take a look at The TESfaith home page.

Q2. I've told TESfaith to move or copy some external cells, but when I run TESfaith, none of the cells move or are copied.

A. Please make sure that any external cells in your plugin are assigned to a region. TESfaith searches for a Region record for each cell to distinguish between internal and external cells. Often the Construction Set generates blank regions for external cells automatically in the plugin file, but it isn't consistent. In any case it is good practice to assign all external cells to a region, apart from helping TESfaith to do its job you will also be able to control the weather for those cells.

Q3. TESfaith seems to have copied/moved the cells correctly, but when I load the plugin in to Morrowind, the scripts do not seem to be updated - they still seem to point back to the old locations.

A. TESfaith should update all script text commands to the correct positions. These include AIESCORT, AIFOLLOW, AITRAVEL, PLACEITEM, POSITION. Currently TESfaith does NOT update the compiled code for these scripts. So scripts modified by TESfaith may appear correct in the Construction Set, but do not appear modified when run from within the Morrowind game engine. To solve this, you will need to load the modified plugin in to the TES Construction Set, view each modified script and simply press the recompile button for each one. Once saved, this plugin should now operate correctly from within the Morrowind game engine.

Q4. Is there a GUI version of TESfaith available?

Yes, though not from me. Timeslip has written a modified version of TESfaith called TESfaith#. It allows you visually overlay mods and see them on a world grid. It isn't quite as up-to-date as the versions of TESfaith available on this website, largely because I'm making some attempt to eliminate any minor bugs that have been sitting dormant for the last couple of years, and not all features have been implemented. But no doubt when I have finished, Timeslip can update his version too.

Q5. I have other problems, not addressed by the above and not covered in the Readme file distributed with TESfaith!

Your best bet is to email me (my email is contained in the documentation supplied with TESfaith). Please tell me the name of the ESM or ESP you are trying to process, where I might be able to download a copy from (if it's small, you can also try emailing it to me), the rules you are using (i.e. the contents of the tfaith.cfg file) and the problem you are experiencing.