TESAnnwyn   - Make your mark on the Otherworld

TESAnnwyn is a 3D landscape height map importer/exporter utility for TES3: Morrowind, TES4: Oblivion, Fallout3 and TES5: Skyrim computer games. With TESAnnwyn you can import and export RAW/BMP image files containing containing height map data to and from a 3D landscape for all games, import/export the Vertex Colour RGB image data to or from a 24-bit colour BMP and export TES3/TES4 texture placement map(s) for re-importing in to any game. With the import facility you can emboss/engrave images or photographs on to the landscape as well as real world height map data (such as mountain ranges). With 32-bit files, a full detail height-range of 486,626 km in increments of 14cm is possible!

The various export formats (RAW and BMP) are useful for embossing/engraving photographs or other images on to the landscape, rescaling in any dimension or rotating the image in a standard image editing package (such as the free Gimp, or Adobe Photoshop) or creating your own maps.

TESAnnwyn will automatically correct underflow/overflow landscape errors that can occur with steep heightmaps as well as report on the height range of import images and exported game landscapes.

The decoding of the TES landscape, TES record formats and the writing of this program has been done entirely by myself. Apart from what I've already added to the TES4 Wiki, AFAIK little information seems to exist on the net regarding the format TES uses for landscapes in both games.

Click on any of the above pictures to see numerous examples of TESAnnwyn's features.

TESAnnwyn can do all of the following:


Instructions on how to use TESAnnwyn are included with the distribution.

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Downloads File
TESAnnwyn (Latest release: Version 0.23beta) - 10-Dec-2011 (inc Skyrim) TESAnnwyn-0.23beta.zip
TESAnnwyn (7th release: Version 0.21) - 18-Jan-2009 TESAnnwyn-0.21.zip
TESAnnwyn (6th release: Version 0.20) - 05-Nov-2007 TESAnnwyn-0.20.zip

Lightwave (December 2006 -> Dec 2011)