TES4qLOD   - quick LOD Texture Generator for TES4: Oblivion & TES5: Skyrim

TES4qLOD is a free program that can quickly generate textured LOD maps for wordspaces created for the TES4 Oblivion game engine. It is massively faster and simpler than relying on the official Construction Set's cumbersome and ridiculously buggy feature. It also supports full landscape map generation for TES5: Skyrim.

Features and Advantages:

  • Generate all the LOD landscape textures at higher resolutions, ranging from 1024x1024, 2048x2048 and 4096x4096 in one go.
  • Can generate a combined bird's eye texture map of your landscape from the textures, quickly and easily.
  • Generates the LOD normal quads and a single entire world's normal maps.
  • Generate the Visible When Distant static objects file (e.g. distant buildings, trees). Can also allow you to simulate every mesh as VisibleWhenDistant.
  • Is much much faster (18x at the bare minimum) and simpler than the Construction Set.
  • Doesn't crash, unlike the Construct Set which crashes after generating just 4-5 quads.
  • Correctly names texture files along the X and Y axis, unlike the Construction Set.
  • Doesn't create half-black textures unlike the Construction Set.

    Limitation against the construction set:

  • It doesn't currently blend textures. It takes the top-most, most opaque texture for each texture point and uses the RGB for that. The CS supports up to 9 textures on any pixel and this improves the subtle shading. The improvement isn't dramatic, but it's preferable.

    Standard Quality (1024x1024) Comparison:

    Bethesda Distributed example (pos-processed with shrubbery).
    TES4qLOD Generated example.

    Download TES4qLOD

    Downloads File
    TES4qLOD (Latest version 0.58beta2) - December 2010 TES4qLOD-0.58beta2.zip
    TES4qLOD (Previous version - 0.57) - September 2007 TES4qLOD-0.57.zip

    Paul Halliday aka 'Lightwave' (February 2007 -> September 2007)